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Sexual Problems
• Penis enlargement
• Low sex libido
• Poor or no erection ( Weak penis)
(No side effects on all medicine).
• Vaginal Tightening
• Gain warmth in your Vagina
• Help take away bad smell and drops.
• Quick or no periods.
• Quick and safe Abortion.
(No side effects on all medicine)
African Healing Updates
Update: Due to high demand on our 4 in 1 penis enlargement combo package, we are doing country wide & world wide deliveries. For more info contact our inquiries desk...
Update: Dr Tito & Moto has just returned from the mountains of the moon in East Africa with very strong “Muthi” medicine to solve different kinds of diseases and problems...
Our Contact
South Africa
Tel: +27 63 441 2440
Mob:+27 63 441 2440

Services Summery
  • Personal and Business Protection Spells.
  • Attraction Spell.
  • Fertility spells/Pregnancy spells.
  • Divorce Spells.
About us
Dr Tito & Moto is an African spiritual healer/ traditional doctor with a lot of experience and solutions to tackle all different kinds of problems and diseases affecting human beings.
“.I had a problem with my manhood. It was so small and short that my friends used to laugh at me wherever I would tell them about it.” 
Why we're Special
-We are so special due to the fact that we can help where other doctors and herbalists have failed.
-All medicine we give to our clients has been tested and gives quick results upon using it. (Has no side effects)
Our Herbal Products