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Our Products
  • Penis enlargement specials including creams and oils.
  • Sex tea to improve on performance and erections.
  • Breast, hips and Bums enlargement and reduction for women.
  • Immune boosters for weak or sickly people.
  • Imbiza” and “Zam Zam” water for body cleansing.
  • Kazimba” stones for property and personal protection from enemies.
African Healing Updates
Update: Due to high demand on our 4 in 1 penis enlargement combo package, we are doing country wide & world wide deliveries. For more info contact our inquiries desk...
Update: Dr Tito & Moto  has just returned from the mountains of the moon in East Africa with very strong “Muthi” medicine to solve different kinds of diseases and problems...

Aloe Vera products for healing different kinds of diseases like high blood pressure, T.B, HIV related disease such as skin rashes, running nose, black spots, night sweating, chest pains and all heart related diseases.

Any body’s success is an own secret, Nobody can tell you where or how and what he/she made to succeed or be successful in life!, So be careful and find your own ways to your destiny! Other wise you will like what I do to give my clients happiness & prosperity.
Our Herbal Products